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Too Busy Today…

Got to get Sammy the Volga ready, got to pack and got to get the flat ready. It is time for a trip to the Tiny Russian Village…

I will post again in a few days. It will be sad, Boza will not be with us and he is so much of the Tiny Russian Village. That is one thing I have to do today; get all of Boza’s travel blankets and stuff from the car. I have delayed doing that, but today I will remove the last remains of Boza from the car. 🙁

Can’t wait to get to the village…

I want to see the white lilacs, our roses and our pine trees. Plus I have to install a new window and we have to look the home over carefully and see what shape everything is in…


PS: Will post Monday. Everything is wonderful in the Tiny Russian Village….white lilacs are alive, the rose is alive, the pear trees are huge and our baby pine has finally set its roots good…

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  1. Jane Doe May 19, 2018

    On the quote you posted elsewhere:
    “Being aware that you are unenlightened is the first step to knowledge. But knowledge in its basic raw form can hinder maturation!”

    I agree but there is a paradox: Knowledge in its basic raw form can lead to maturation!
    This is how babies grow — absorbing all forms of data falling on it without any preconditions — knowledge patterns emerge later. In adults, this isn’t as evident because of mould one has grown in to which resists all discordance, but this resistance falls apart voluntarily or involuntarily, when the adult makes a transition from one plane of existence to another when a cycle or phase has been completed and another started. There may or may not be an insecure feeling during the intermediate state when neurons are plastic and reconnect in newer ways. Parental nurture and beneficent ambiance is necessary for good transition as also the removal triggers and obstacles that reinforce past erroneous behaviours and inhibit correct route of development. The choice of the individual is the key but eventually the harmony of everyone and/or everything else decides the nature of the outcome.
    Even in adults in a non-transitory state, bombardment with data in the form of human manipulated signs, signals and events, shape up the person depending on how much the person allows external influence. At best, this is how advertisers work, and at worst, this is how psyops are done.
    It’s important to realize that one has the capability to switch off unwelcome data, and if one is unable to recognize it, the reason is that there may be a benefit one still craves for in the undesirable influence.
    Children which grow in happy homes as well as citizens who grow up in strife-free countries are more compassionate and capable than those not fortunate enough to have experienced such data in the forming years. As adults, it is a responsibility to maintain such nurture and ambiance but adults themselves may be stretched and have to pay attention and get help to the inner child within themselves that needs unconditional love and protection.

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