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Trip to Big Village this morning…

At 4 a.m. I got up and Boza stayed in bed even this morning. It was foggy and dreary down in the valley, but on top the hill where we were, it was sunbeams cutting through the fog and the neighbor Nickali had just walked out of his house to greet the day. Then I hollered “Dobrey Utra” and he smiled like a sun beam and waved as he took a deep breath of air and stretched out the kinks in his body. I went inside and kicked Boza out from under the bed. Then grabbed the camera and we went walking. Before breakfast, coffee and or even waking up the brain…


The image above is what we walked into and the image below is an hour later and I started to take spiderweb images as the sun burned off the fog in the valley…


I tried to get the field of spiderwebs in an image,but all I got were shiny spots in the grass. So I settled on a web shot I did. I like it and enlarge it to see thousands of tiny dew drops…

Now, I fed Boza and he is sleeping again under the bed and I am leaving for town. I have to fill the car with benzine, buy four cases of Boza’s dog food, get some basic groceries, buy another new brush cutting blade (that is three so far,) and last but not least; I am going to buy four sasiskas for me to munch on… (Yummy)

I also am going to look at a bicycle, probably not buy, due to money restraints, but wish is free. Then I am going to look at a small camera to replace the old Kodak we have. Though I would rather get a battery for the camera I have (if able to find) and maybe I need to search for that instead. I like the old Kodak and it takes great pictures…

A bicycle would be great and then I would use it to ride to another village nearby and get groceries there. Save me lots of money and be better for my health. I walk enough, but walking to get groceries may set me over the edge of too much, for I would have to leave Boza home during those walks. Too many village dogs to cause issues and then I still have to walk Boza the same even though I walked kilometers extra. A bike would make it much easier on my old war wounded legs and that is important…

But dreams are dreams and right now I have to get ready to go. I have a priority to get to the fuel station and get the car filled or I will walk plenty after I run out… 🙂

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Cristi June 9, 2015

    Regarding the purchase of a bycicle and using it for small commuting, you should investigate the driver’s behaviour and the road you plan to go to. If it is a road between two villages, it may be empty most of the time, with good visibility for the drivers to see you and overtake you with plenty of space. If it is used by large trucks, forget it … it’s very, very dangerous. Visibility might be hurt by bushes on the side of the road or tight turns. Very dangerous spots to be on a bycicle. I always use to say: the other guy is behind one tone of metal, I’m behind my flesh and skin; I must not give him the opportunity to touch me.

    Here is my savings by using bycicle for commuting in city during non-winter months. Do your own math.
    Avg gas consumption in city: 7.7 l/100 km
    Price gas: 1.4 $/l
    Cost of auto commuting: 0.107 $/km (excluding others expenses)
    Length of commuting: 13 km (both-ways)
    Savings per day: 1.4 $/day
    Savings in a year: 7 mon/year x 21 d/mon = 206 $/year

  2. Marion June 9, 2015

    If I were paranoid I would eschew the bicycle …or else never go on town trips on the same days or times. You hear better when you are walking…push or pull a wagon for heavier articles. You never know where an assassin may lie in wait. IF, I were paranoid. You’ve been a burr under a saddle for a long time – never forget that – don’t tell when you are going either; if you do, then don’t go and keep the nefarious “them” guessing.


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