Ukraine Riots: The Same All Over The World… (MP3)

Coffee_128I wrote this post and then hesitated a few days. I decided to post it anyway! The reason I hesitated was because years ago, Ukraine blocked my website, when I wrote about interesting happenings there. It took me two years (many e-mails and a lot of work) to get my site unblocked in Ukraine and now they are the third largest readership I have. That amounts to a whole bunch of traffic. But since I write from my heart and my thoughts and my feelings, I have to post this and jeopardize my site again in Ukraine. I am not saying anything that many do not already know, but I am saying that I know, from past and present situations, that America is behind the riots in Ukraine. The icing on the cake of proof was when McCain waltzed into Ukraine and sucked face with the opposition. That my friend was proof positive that much money was handed over and the paydays started to countdown to this riot…

What do you think McCain went there for: Vacation?

Can we say Libya, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Chili and you could add many more to this list: Plus now add Ukraine again and again for the multiple time…

I write this because my heart hurts to see such a wonderful country being destroyed by outside forces. Ukraine has its problems, but some humans will do anything for a buck. Just like some humans will beat other humans for fun and then kill them for spite… (Now the article!)


Gerald Celente has said, “When people have nothing left to lose, and they’ve lost everything, they lose it.”

I see the same thing happening in Ukraine that is happening all over the world. Gerald Celente was right and it is happening, but the fact that it is going to happen, does not give the right for America to interfere and help it happen. The instigation is the part of the whole aspect that has to stop. I am all for people trying to stop tyranny, but when outside forces have to be brought in to stimulate that effect. Then it is not what the people want…

Once again America has opened mouth and inserted foot over Ukraine and stimulated a riot situation, by supporting the wrong people for the wrong reasons.  This is time and time again as if we are trying to set off a world war anywhere in the world. The world sees what America is doing and one day: Mark my words, “Payback for the USA is going to be Hell!”

What I see in Ukraine and many other places in the world, needs to happen in the US!

qqqqqqqqThis photo to the right is of a peaceful demonstration in Ukraine at the American Embassy in Kiev. This happened yesterday and as you see it is peaceful. These are the real Ukrainians. The ones that care for the country. They are protesting the American involvement in the riots and the usage of money as a carrot stick to drive the opposition… (Yes people showed up to tell the world that America is involved and no one listen! Imagine That…)

Now lets look at a photo below and see what a bunch of monkeys that are supported by the American government are up to. They are kind of involved in some serious crap and they have destroyed a huge section of Kiev. They have destroyed buildings, cars, buses and anything not tied down is being burned. The fact is, this is the work of a bunch of paid lackeys. The police have been restrained to a point, but it looks to get real bad before it gets better. The police are now throwing the bombs back at the people and the more people that shoot at the cops, will mean at one point the guns will come out…

I cannot find a better picture of the peaceful protest, as the news sources ignored that. But there is a whole bunch of photos about the destruction of Kiev by the opposition. You know the good guys are the opposition right? Well I have to tell you that they are burning a beautiful city and destroying what many love in Kiev…

The day is coming and the way that we in America have allowed our country to add fuel to the fires in all these countries will come back on us. One day when no one gets their food stamp money and no one gets their welfare check and no one gets any subsidies. The riots will start in America. The saturation point was reached a long time ago in many countries and all it takes is a simple few dollars spread around. The saturation point is almost there in America. Once that point is reached, then a few dollars spread around by some helpful countries, will light a fuse to a bad end result…

We need to keep our nose out of other countries and quit playing both sides of the coin…

Mark my words: “Payback for the USA is going to be Hell!”

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

The end of the world comes in many forms and Kiev is looking at hers if it does not stop…



kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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“Ukrainian businessmen, especially in the country’s western regions, offer material support to the protesters,” Oleg Tsarev of the ruling Party of Regions said in an interview with Russia’s Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily on Thursday. “But these are one-time investments. In the majority of cases they, so to say, pay in kind, i.e. provide foods, fuels, firewood, clothing. But all this, even the patronage of some of our tycoons cannot explain the tenacity of protest phenomena,” he said. He noted that leaders of the “guys who call themselves off-politics activists and who called on their supporters to march to the Grishevsky Street… Read more »


I agree, but it also angers me that so many ordinary citizens (not the top ‘activists’ who make the big bucks) are willing to accept a few dollars or even just some illogical rhetoric to sell out their country. Not one of them has any integrity.


I’ve seen examples of the attacks on Russia (and Putin), even in simple things like television shows where there’s a subplot showing some Russians in a bad light. I can only hope others see these things for the propaganda that they represent. I don’t want war or violence…sick of all of it. But in the horrific event of a confrontation between NATO and Russia, I believe Russia would come out on top. Partly because they have more at stake, but mostly because NATO has been worn down throughout these years from engaging in despicable wars of conquest to support the… Read more »


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