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Welcome to the West, Dearest Ukraine!

Tidbit of Truth:

Dear Ukraine;

You are Clowns and Caricatures; handing out your sovereignty to the West’s hands. The worst is still to come when lenders ask you the beggars to cough up more yet, to pay the debt. In the mean time you keep borrowing and dying for a disillusioned independence, created in the mind by propaganda and underlined dream desires. A tragic outcome is on the brink of a rough Winter, then it will be too late and your praetorian will not hesitate to shoot and kill you in the streets of Kiev, after exhausting their reserves of chemicals and tear gas. No jobs, no future and no hope. This is the everyday reality of the Ukraine citizen in debt. Welcome to the modern slave camp…


Welcome to the West, Dearest Ukraine!
Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Marion September 24, 2014

    True. But after how they incinerated ethnic Russians, laughing as they filled Molotov cocktail bottles, they got it coming to them. (Machts mir nichts…)

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