In Russia it is said that chickens are milked, and cows carry eggs. (A mockery of those who believe ridiculous rumors.)

What If?

I have been asked several times over the last few months, “What If, the US makes the borders almost impossible to cross?” or “What if Russia removes Americans from her country?” or “What if? Or What if?”

After thinking about it for awhile and after this last trip to Ukraine and crossing the border by jet. It really hit home that America really is trying to make crossing the border so terrible that you do not want to go. America is closing the borders a tiny step at a time…

America is even working overtime to piss off most of the world and make it so us Americans are not wanted in the rest of the world. I have an interesting thought, “Make Love not War!”

Okay enough of that old time phrase stuff…

I read an article that said that new technology would allow, within a decade for travelers to the USA to not have to take off shoes and be able to carry bottles of water aboard again. Why new technology would allow people to not have to take laptops out of their bag… (Oh My!)

That kinda ignorant news makes me laugh because, Ukraine and Russia already have that technology, or at least they must, because I already don’t have to remove my laptop, take my shoes off and can carry bottled water aboard right now in Russia and Ukraine… (Oh MY!)

So lets get back to – What if?

I say so what if?

That is definitely when I will give up being an American! The deficits already outweigh the benefits as I write this article and the pattern toward any benefit is looking rather dismal, to say the least…

Just about the only reason to keep a passport for America is that fact, that right now I still can travel visa free to many many countries, but that is looking to end sooner than later as the financial crises starts to crush the world and America defaults on her debts. No one is going to want a bunch of Americans flooding their country…

The benefits of an American passport in another country is really not a benefit at all…

It dawned on me as Sveta and I talk about taking a trip to China or Vietnam this year. That I will most likely never set foot back in America again. I definitely will not ever set foot back in America if America tries to force people to go back, as I see it starting to happen…

I most likely will not live long enough to worry about it, but as my passport is due up in 2019, I have to make a decision one day about do I get a Russian citizenship, get another citizenship from another country or renew the American passport?

What if? Well I say that passports are stupid and “What If” we did not have passports at all and had an open free world as it should be…

As Sveta would say, “That is just right!”

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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Passports are definitely an article used for oppression.