What Is A Flat?


I was drinking my daily cup of coffee! Um mm Um mm good! I thought to my self. Do you want to see how most Moscow people live?

So I found these pictures of My Sweetie and her place to live in 2004 and pictures of where we live now. This is very typical living for a Russian. Not fancy or extravagant.
List of Pictures:

  • 1st. Our Kitchen Now
  • Our bathroom
  • Our living Room
  • Kitchen 2004
  • 2004 Living Room
  • Living Room now
  • 2004
  • 2004 Kitchen
  • 2004
  • My Sweetie!

I live the same as any Russian and I find it very comfortable. I do not live like I did in the USA! In America, I lived in a large home, with a little dog, The house had two bedrooms, gigantic kitchen, full basement,back porch, front porch, living room, dinning room, family room, etc,etc,etc.

I can honestly say that I am happier now!!!!


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