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While the Ruble is Under Attack by the West – China and Japan Do a Dance Together…

The ruble is getting beat badly right now as the West tries to assert pressure on a rogue Russia, who refuses to play with the West in her games of conquer and destroy the little countries. So we watch oil fall and the ruble depreciate. All in the currency games played by the world…

But not all games are done by the Western Empire: China and Japan have bypassed the US dollar by starting direct currency trading between each other, in a bid to reduce transaction cost and settlement risk and strengthen bilateral trade. ­Market players can now swap Japanese yen for Chinese yuan without having to use the US dollar as an intermediary currency. China is Japan’s largest trading partner, but about 60 percent of their mutual trade is denominated in US dollars. This move is a crucial step for the yuan in the international foreign exchange market. It makes the yen the first foreign currency that can directly exchange with the yuan after it skipped the US dollar as an intermediate. That policy has long incited trade tensions with the United States… (Oops!)

This move by Japan and China is much more important than a weakening ruble. For as the ruble is under attack, the West has much more to loose by that attack, than Russia does. The West owes money to everyone in the world and when they play games as a child would, they are using monopoly money to play those games with. Sooner than later, that will catch up to them and all you have to do is watch the debt meter spin like a water meter hooked to a fire hose at a fire…

So Russia who has a ceiling at around 38.15 on the ruble, is looking at 33.5 right now. I have watched this pressure game many times against Russia, but this time China and Japan officially decided to dance at the same time and that my friend is going to put a world of financial hurt on a Western Empire that is trying to pressure a rogue Russia…

Remember that looks can be decieving! The ruble may be under attack, but the dollar is under a much worse attack that is being hidden by the Western media and working on its ($) demise is the Asian countries…

Russia is not in debt can the West say the same?

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!


  1. blackseabrew June 2, 2012

    As I’ve discussed before, the primary reason Iran is demonized by the US, is that it attempted to develop an oil-trading center, outside the reach of Wall-Street, in which oil was traded and bartered without using the US dollar as the intermediary currency. Hence the Wall Street mafia could not get their 4-6% fee for every oil trade. Which Wall Street thinks it deserves for adding zero value. Of course, when this move was initiated by Iran, Russia was going to be benefiting counter-party, and has been the ‘bad-boy’ ever since then.

  2. State Briga June 2, 2012

    Correct me if I’m wrong, this so called “attack” on ruble,… how possibly can it seriously hurt Russia, if the world oil&gas prices are in the dollar$?!?
    Weak ruble only helps exports of other Russian goods(other than oil&gas) and doesn’t wreck planned Rusian budget for this year also (in the period of huge defense spending).
    It just helps Russia to better resist on lowering of the oil&gas prices(2nd “attack”).
    It looks like two “attacks” excluding their negative effects. It’s like pouring water on the fire they have started in the same time!??
    Also, that doesn’t make sense with the “West” persisting on tensions in Middle East (Sirya,Iran).
    That still put lots of pressure on their lowering of world oil prices.
    If West wants oil to drop really low, they should abandone their (Sirya,Iran)ME projects.And the price would fall by itself.

    Is this some kind of “Arab Spring” scenario where the West starts something, than they do opposite (in the same time) And than they hope for the best despite all the logic?!
    Libya regime change, with Al Qaeda fighting for the democracy?!!What the…!??
    Those are all oxymoron plans aren’t they?
    Who is the genious behind all those plans?!
    Mrs. Clinton?
    Aren’t U.S. becoming the absolute Master of shooting their own foot?
    They do not need other (or better) enemy but themselves!

    Great blog BTW, I visit it often…

  3. State Briga June 2, 2012

    “Russia is not in debt can the West say the same?”
    Yes, they can!
    They say it through their deeds.
    They spend like there is no tommarow, even though they are in the middle of the HUGE crisis…

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