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Why Am I In Russia?


I sat and drank my famous cup of coffee, then I started thinking. Why did I come to Russia? The most obvious reason is that I have fallen in Love with the most beautiful Woman in the World, but at my age, is there more to life than just blind love? No! (There is Not!)

I had made up my mind many years ago to never fall in love again. I had been through enough. So I had a life that was comfortable and safe.

Then I met Svet, by pure luck and my life changed for ever. Svet was the catalyst to bring me to Russia. Now the question is, Will I stay in Russia? Yes!

For you see Russia is more than just a place, Russia has become my home. The saying, “Home is were the heart is.” is very true.

I look at the sky in Russia and it feels good. I buy vegetables from the local market and they taste good. I see strange homes and buildings, but they do not feel strange. They seem normal! I look at huge highrise flats and I enjoy looking out over the city at 20 stories up.

Then I look at my wife and my dog Boza! I call them my two Turkeys!!

That’s when I realize that I would live anywhere in the world with them. All the other items are just icing on the cake as we say!

So, “Home is where the heart is!”


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