Windows to Russia: Vacation Pictures in Israel – Final!

House we liked!
Dates are Yummy!
Another city!
Another city!
Going to the Sea of Galilee!
Mediterranean Sea and me! (Svet always sneaks pictures of me.)
Love the flowers!
Flowers everywhere in the cities!
Big Fish!
Just Cool!
Big Fish Again!
Statues at a Museum!

It was a fantastic trip and we recommend anyone to go, But rent a car and see your own sights.

We saw tour buses everywhere, packed with Russians, Americans, Germans and Britons. They really looked wore out and grouchy!

Example: At Dead Sea, many tor buses stopped and gave the people 45 minutes: to change clothes and float in the Dead Sea and get out take a shower and get dressed again and leave to the next destination. (Not Fun)

Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures and if you have any questions just ask.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

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