Words of Wisdom to Britain…

Before you go storming the Ecuador Embassy…

You better pull all your people out of the rest of the world’s Embassies that you have…

Because once you break that boundary and safety zone that is Ecuador’s privileged area, that is there for a reason. You will have the same done to you by one and all…

It is called the “fair game” issue!

A British Embassy will have lost all immunity, and that will be that…

Quit being a USA poodle and let it go…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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Tatiana A

Memo to men:

It’s OK to sexually assault women, you can always seek asylum from justice by hiding in an embassy.

“You can hide, but you can’t run”

Mira L

Julian Assange is an accused rapist and should answer to Swedish investigators for claims by 2 woman. The WikiLeaks founder attempted to draw parallels between himself and the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, whose three members were convicted and jailed this week for a performance denouncing President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral.

That makes for an interesting comparison.


In principle and in law, the charges made against Julian Assange are only allegations that until the plaintiffs show cause remain unintelligible. The law William Hague MP intend to use to storm the Ecuador Embassy was put in place because PC Yvonne Joyce Fletcher was murdered by a person from inside the Libyan Embassy. This incident was clearly murder with no justification whatsoever, and the law, in such circumstances, must be upheld. However, there is no authority by which to trespass upon the Ecuadoran embassy or to extradite on the hearsay of allegations that are unintelligible. Julian Assange has not… Read more »


We can infer that Sweden has no legitimate reason to extradite Julian Assange from the fact that it has repeatedly refused offers to question Assange in the UK and repeatedly refused to explain why it has refused to do so, writes Mark Weisbrot in the Guardian. The government of Ecuador agreed with Assange that he had a reasonable fear of a second extradition to the US, and persecution here for his activities as a journalist. The strong evidence for this included an ongoing investigation of Assange and WikiLeaks in the US; evidence that an indictment had already been prepared; statements… Read more »


So Tatiana you have proof? Interesting that you are posting out of the – National Health Service!


Maira You need to get your facts straight about Pussy Riot as you are all messed up,as is most of the Western world on this case. All due to lying media in the West and as far as Assange – He is innocent until proven guilty and Sweden has had the right to interview him a hundred times in Britain and now in Ecuador. This is normal procedure and is totally acceptable in a court of law… Study your facts again! He is wanted for questioning only and the fact that he gets no guarantee that he will not be… Read more »


Ray McGovern is one of the few voices in US, who dares to speak against his country’s imperialism. As he says the international law means nothing for United States when they deal with other nations. Poor Assange is a victim of gross aggression of US and its puppets in UK and Sweden. His great crime is that he has revealed the dirty secrets of American diplomacy.


In an op-ed in the New York Times, Michael Moore and Oliver Stone note that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has made clear his willingness to be questioned by Swedish authorities in London, and the Ecuadorean government made a direct offer to Sweden to allow Assange to be interviewed within Ecuador’s embassy. In both instances, Sweden refused. Assange has also committed to traveling to Sweden immediately if the Swedish government pledges that it will not extradite him to the U.S. Swedish officials have shown no interest in exploring this proposal, and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt recently told a legal adviser to… Read more »