мамочка (mamochka) gave me socks…

By | January 5, 2019

Svetochka’s mother knows how to find me the best socks. The socks she bought me for New Year are my favorite, rabbit fur and they are so warm. The price as you see is 80 rubles and that is a very good price for such quality of socks..

You have to understand and remember that I am diabetic and socks are my friend. I wear socks 24 hours a day to help protect my feet. Very important to have best quality, warm and good material for your skin. Rabbit fur is better than cotton for socks, not due to any reason but warmth. Cotton is best, but not very warm here in Russia and her chills…

Wool is good also, but kinda scratchy at times…

I think my rabbit fur socks are the cats meow… 😉

Little Rabbit (маленький кролик – malen’kiy krolik)


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