#Мнение, М.В.Захаровой

In Moscow, they said goodbye to military correspondent Maxim Fomin, known under the pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky .

Vladlen proved that today the front is everywhere: in the war zone, in the rear and in the cities, in hearts and minds. He was on the verge of death on the battlefield so many times, and died in the center of peaceful St. Petersburg at the hands of a terrorist, who, according to reports, acted on instructions from the Ukrainian special services.

In the six days that have passed since the explosion in that St. Petersburg cafe, none of the Western “guardians” for freedom of the media and the safety of journalists squeezed out a word of condemnation of this cruelty beyond any human standards, did not express elementary compassion for the victims. But the morally degraded suspect causes them much more sympathy. In the West, they try to mold the image of the victim out of it. Initially, this attack had the obvious characteristics of a crime under a false or false flag (false flag operation) – another staging, a technique so beloved by the West. Sergei Lavrov spoke about this last year. Individual episodes of the rich history of the use of such fabrications by the Anglo-Saxons and Europeans were also cited .

These days, there are also those who, rubbing their hands in glee, make statements that, in legal language, can be unequivocally qualified as a public justification of terrorism.

Pathological hypocrisy has long been a political tradition of Western liberalism, its unconditional reflex. This is especially evident in the example of the thoroughly deceitful concern for the rights of journalists and the media.

So the Brussels “gardener” Borrell is concerned about the fate of the arrested Wall Street Journal correspondent and part-time spy Evan Gershkovich, who was caught by the hand in Yekaterinburg: “The EU condemns the detention of journalist and US citizen Gershkovich in Russia. Journalists should be free to practice their profession and deserve protection.”

What?! I don’t believe that one and the same person is demanding freedom for journalists, and for the whole time he has not said a half-word either about Marat Kasem, who has been in a Latvian prison since January solely for his beliefs, or even about Julian Assange, who is already being mocked long years. Borrell and his comrades are silent about all this.

In the European Union, over the past year alone, the media presence of RT, Sputnik, and several Russian channels has been finally liquidated; German-language RT DE and Francophone RT France have gone bankrupt in a number of EU countries, including in the Baltics, the local Russian-language media have been almost wiped out, even publications of compatriots have come under attack, sanctions have been imposed on dozens of media professionals, but at the same time, EU functionaries continue to rant about protecting the rights of the media and try to teach others.

Liberal hypocrisy has turned the politics of the West into a conveyor belt of misanthropy. First, a conscious silence about the murders of Vladlen Tatarsky, Darya Dugina, Oleg Klokov, the next step is to justify violence against the “wrong” journalists.

Apparently, they won’t stop there.