⚡️📣It’s over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol?⚡️📣 – PLnewstoday

⚡️📣It’s over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol?⚡️📣

The Surrender has begun, of the remaining Azov Battalion and Ukrainian soldiers that have been stuck in and fighting for the Azovstal steel plant for the last almost 3 months. Last night over 50 injured Ukrainian soldiers were evacuated by DPR and Russian forces to a hospital for treatment in DPR. There were an additional 250 that surrendered and were taken to a DPR jail as prisoners. It is unknown exactly how many Ukrainians remain in the plant but today it is expected that more will be surrendering in mass. The major fighting in Mariupol came to an end and the majority of the heavy military equipment moved out of the city just before the Russian army declared victory in Mariupol back in April. Since then the fighting has been contained to the Azovstal plant and its territory. The DPR and Russian soldiers near the Azovstal say it is just a matter of time until the last Azov and Ukrainian soldiers surrender so the plant is clear and they say it will be soon.

This morning I went to the site of the Mass surrendering and gave a quick update on the ground to show you what it is really like. The DPR and Russian forces are waiting and ready for the Ukrainians in Azovstal to surrender. Only time will tell when it is over at Azovstal

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