🎙 Answering a media question during a joint press conference by S.V. Lavrov and Foreign Minister of Burundi A. Shingiro following the talks…

❓ Question: You have already spoken about the situation in Ukraine. We see that the West has taken a consistent course to increase the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime. At the same time, calls for the extermination of Russians, the extermination of the civilian population in Russia, are becoming more and more active among the Western elites. How do you inform about this and do you inform your African partners, especially since the whole situation is already close to the scale of genocide?

💬 Sergey Lavrov: We talked about this in detail today. There is no doubt that the Kiev regime has long since switched to openly terrorist methods . For this, weapons are used, with which the West pumps this regime. Western statements that the supplied weapons should not be used against the Russian Federation are another lie. As for the threats against the Russians, we also told our friends today about how we assess this situation.

Threats to kill Russians were made by many representatives of the Kyiv regime, including Secretary of the Security Council A.M. Danilov, adviser to the head of administration V.A. Zelensky M.M. Podolyak, several Ukrainian ambassadors abroad. Now one of the American senators has opened up on this subject.

Since the West insists that there is no other basis for resolving the Ukrainian situation, except for the notorious “peace formula” of V.A.Zelensky, and at the same time his team threatens to start killing all Russians and destroy everything Russian there after liberating Crimea and the eastern regions of Ukraine.

❗️ The conclusion is simple: the West directly supports the genocide.

To a certain extent, this is a qualitatively new development of the situation, when the West first became a direct participant in the war unleashed against the Russian Federation, and now it is also calling for genocide.

It is always better to know the truth about who is up to what with you. We found out this truth a long time ago . Let’s proceed from the fact that the West takes just such a position.

We understand that against this background, the ideas expressed by the countries of the Global Majority, including African countries, that they would like to contribute to the search for some ways to overcome this situation, are voiced sincerely, out of a desire to somehow help. We appreciate this attitude. But it is necessary to consider all these ideas and initiatives in the context of the geopolitical confrontation started by the West against Russia, and at the same time against China, as it was recently proclaimed in the G-7 documents.