🎙 S.V. Lavrov’s interview to the Russian society “Knowledge” “on the sidelines” of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum ( June 17, 2023 )…


💬 The frenzy with which the West now requires everyone to “punish” the Russian Federation, not to communicate with us, reflects its understanding that there will be no unipolar world anymore . These convulsions that we are now seeing, agony to some extent, can last for many years.


💬 If someone tells me that since the coup d’état in February 2014, the Kiev junta has represented people living in Crimea, in the southeast of Ukraine, then everyone will understand that this is a bluff . Just like P.A. Poroshenko and V.A. Zelensky, their regimes do not represent the people who voted to be part of the Russian Federation.


💬 Russia must remain itself , continue to create opportunities for the development of art, science, education and openly share its achievements with all countries of the world, as we have done so far. It is impossible to “kill” Russian culture, no matter how hard anyone tries.