​​🗓 Top News Yesterday – MoD of Russia July 4, 2022…

▫️ Successful offensive of Central group of troops commanded by Colonel General Aleksandr Lapin have resulted in establishing contol in Verkhnekamenka, Zolotaryovka, Belogorovka, reaching Seversky Donets river and having cordoned Lisichansk in coordination with Southern group of troops commanded by General of the Army Sergey Surovikin.

💥 Up to 120 ‘soldiers of fortune’ have been eliminated by an attack launched by Russian Aerospace Forces at a base of foreign mercenaries.A unit of 5th Separate Assault Regiment from 1st Separate Brigade of the President of Ukraine has been eliminated near Spornoye (Donetsk People’s Republic). 18 Ukrainian militants have been eliminated, 2 of them have surrendered, and the rest have escaped.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry publishes footage from settlement in Donbass liberated by Russian Central MD and People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic forces.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry shows footage of Western MD Tor-M1 tactical air defence system crews in combat action within special military operation.

🇷🇺 Central MD units take control of Belogorovka and hoist copy of Victory Banner on administration building.

🇷🇺 Members of Young Army national movement from Krasnoyarsk region unfurl 20-metre copy of Victory Banner at Monument of Glory memorial complex in Novosibirsk.

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