Gavin Williamson: “Frankly Russia should go away and shut up”

Pack your bags Russia and find somewhere else to put your country! 😉

Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom…

Go away where?
Shut up for what reason?
How does a country go away?
What has Russia said that is wrong?
Is this guy mental?

“Russia should go away and should shut up”.

Oh dear, oh my!


The “NY State Senate Bill S7708” – the band aid to cover up the real problem…

I was flabbergasted to even think that we have an issue in America with rape by cops against arrested persons? What the hell…

Relates to establishing incapacity to consent when a person is under arrest, detention or otherwise in actual custody.

Source: NY State Senate Bill S7708

New York lawmakers passed a bill to keep cops from forcing sex with the people they arrest. No, this is not a falsification of games about rape. Fact: Up until now and still in 34 other states in America, cops in New York state could have sex with people in custody (whom they arrested), so long as the cops claimed it was mutually associated… (Other words, consensual sex!)

I am confused at to how far we have fallen as a first world country….this is a band aid to cover up the real issue of morals within the system….lets make a law to fix what was way to common placed it seems…

Why is this even an issue in the first place?

It seems to me that before the bill was passed, cops would/could/have arrest(ed) people just to have sex with them, either against their will or not…