Israel: So, Netanyahu is out, so what now?

Update: June 14th, 2021

Benjamin Netanyahu will be leaving the Israeli prime minister’s post after 12 years in power as the country’s legislature voted to swear in a new ‘change’ government on Sunday.

Source: Netanyahu removed from power after Israeli MPs support ‘change’ government coalition — RT World News


Got to be better than Nutty Yahoo, whom has done as he was implemented for, all he could as a political tool for the West. I guess he has outlived his masters desires?

Evil begets evil…. and it takes more than one to tango!

Therefore, we watch and see if things change? Or did we just replace one for another?


PS: I guess we found out! Bye Bye Nutty Yahoo…

Sarai (Big Village) is being slaughtered right now by Coronavirus (King Covid-19)

Обращение главного врача ГБУ РО “Сараевская МБ” Павла Шейдорова к жителям Сараевского района.

(Appeal of the chief physician of the State Budgetary Institution of Regional Development “Saraevskaya MB” Pavel Sheidorov to the inhabitants of the Saraevsky district.)

Sveta sent me this video link and a note with it…

The chief physician of the Sarai hospital told about difficult situation with Coronavirus in Sarai area a lot of people sick, a lot of kids, a lot of bad cases, what they are sending to Ryazan.

He asked people to use masks and keep social distance and come and get the vaccine.

Yesterday I tried to get to the Big Village and cops are everywhere and stopping everyone. People were in almost a panic mode and the town was basically closed. I decided after being stopped twice by police, that it was better to just go to The Tiny Russian Village and be smart and safe…

People got very lackadaisical about King Covid-19 and he slapped them down…

So I will mow grass…