Iran, Turkey and Brazil Commitment to Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons…

There is no longer any need for UN sanctions? Think America can accept that situation?

Iran, Brazil and Turkey have reached and signed an agreement under which Iran will ship 1,200 kilos of its low enriched uranium to Turkey in exchange for 120 kilos of nuclear fuel for a Tehran Research Reactor.

The leaders of the three countries also signed a joint statement:

“We stress commitment to non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and related materials, distinguishing without any discrimination the right of all the members, including Iran, to produce and use nuclear energy and enrich uranium for peaceful purposes,” the statement reads. “We believe that the nuclear fuel swap will serve as ground for cooperation in all fields, especially peaceful nuclear cooperation, including the establishment of a nuclear power plant and research reactor.”

Looks like Iran has a few more backers and the playing field just became interesting…

Windows to Russia!