Ramzan Kadyrov (Рамзан Ахматович Кадыров) visited Moscow…

Kadyrov (The Warlord) is a good man and a great leader. He and his people under him have shown who and what they are in this Ukraine war. Chechaians are a proud people and having them on your side is a plus!

I call them, “The Unleashed Dogs of War!”

On Thursday, as part of my working visit to Moscow, I had a very fruitful meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. We substantively discussed the issues of conducting a special operation for denazification and demilitarization in Ukraine, and identified further ways of interaction.

Sergei Kuzhugetovich identified new tasks that imply the improvement of further tactics. The measures taken will make it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of offensive maneuvers, which contributes to the conduct of the special operation at a faster pace. The minister also asked to convey sincere words of gratitude to our fighters for their significant contribution to the fight against nationalist and Bandera formations.

I thanked Sergei Kuzhugetovich for the high appraisal of the work of our special forces. We feel the full support of the Russian Ministry of Defense from the first days of the start of the special operation in Ukraine. I am confident that our further cooperation will significantly improve the efficiency of solving the tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

Like Lukashenko of Belarus, Kadyrov of Chechen are intricate part of this SMO of Russia’s…


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