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Coffee-iconDestroy all you want, but there are a million ways to obtain what you need and desire. I am a huge supporter of “The Pirate bay!” What was done to the Bay by the west, is akin to the same crime (same people) being committed by ISIS beheading people for getting back at the ~west~. They (Greedy Media/Governmental Scum) beheaded “The Pirate Bay” and while they feel good about killing an entity such as the Bay, they do not realize that human spirit will bring them down, for they are the problem not the cure…

Humans are spiraling down a terrible path of self-destruction and when we stifle creativity such as we are doing in the world now, we will suffer. The beheading of a tool as productive and powerful as “The Pirate bay,” for human development, is vastly more important than the ISIS/CIA games being played…

Man has to be allowed to take, steal, grab, manipulate, and expand on any and all items in his world. If we do not allow this creativity, we lose our ability to flourish. The simple fact is that the greatest advancements in our history have to do with what we copied, stole, and dreamed of. For without allowing the human to create, exploit, maneuver, engineer, and manifest in any form or manner, is what will be the death kneel for the whole race, we call humans…

Technology has become nothing but what we allow new computer systems and robotics to build. We do not have the capability and understanding to comprehend how 14,000,000 transistors fit in a one inch by one inch square. But a computer does and can. We are losing our hold on this world and we do not even realize it, for we are too busy playing with our iPhone, that same phone that without modern robotics and computers, we could never build by our hands…

Technology is leaving us in the dark and we need to allow everyone on the planet access to all things good and bad, and allow it to be free. That is if we (humans) desire to keep up with technology and life in general?

Tidbit of information; Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 are among the most skilled in the world, according to a recent report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Younger Americans are closer to average among the residents of rich countries, and below average by some measures.

Please be careful of alternate scum sites calling themselves the pirate bay, go to and you will find what information you need. (isohunt has brought back the original Bay and it works very good!

“I am The Pirate Bay,” therefore I will continue to support what The Pirate bay stands for in the world…

I am The Pirate Bay…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

Prices, money and wealth are illusory concepts that are used by people who have power to dominate people with none. Everything should be free, as it already is, if you want it to be…


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Sveta: New Year and Christmas in Russia!

The closer we come to our New Year holidays the more people ask Google about Christmas, Santa Claus and Grand Father Frost in Russia. Sometimes Google send these people to our site. So I’ll try to answer these questions in this article.When Kyle just came to Russia I warned him that we don’t have Christmas at 25th of December! He was a bit disappointed and maybe did not believe me completely. But it was 24th of December and nothing happened just regular work day in Russia. But I told Kyle just wait for 31 of December – New Year Eve is the same like Christmas in Russia.

How do the people meet The New Year in Russia?

All over the Russia people put Fir Tree (Ёлка) alive or artificial in the flats or homes, decorate them with glass and paper toys, colored lamps. People buys and cooks the best food, they try to find out in advance what clothes you suppose to wear this evening to have good luck next year. Every year it’s something different it depends on what year it will be in Oriental calendar. And I already found out it for You! Next year will be a year of Dragon, if we are exact it will be Year of Water Dragon. And all we know that Dragons like treasures! So jewelery, diamonds and gold will fit the New Year party, only bright colorful and unusual dresses for this year! ;)

Then people set a table for eats and turn on a TV; TV channels always have a good transmissions at New Year Ave, some old New Year movies and new New Year movies good concerts and so on… 5-7 minutes before midnight almost all TV channels transmit the Russian President “New Year Speech”… Medvedev always has had a good, kind New Year speeches and it’s always a pleasure to listen to him this way! When the Kremlin Clocks starts gonging, people open Champagne, clink glasses, tell each other С Новым Годом! (what means Happy New Year!) and continue feast :).

People in Russia believe that the way you meet The New Year, Is the way you’ll spend whole new year. That’s why they have the best food on the table and they try to eat and drink as much as possible. – because there are so much things to tell and to wish each other for New Year and you need always drink for it! ;)

(A lot of people comes out and shoot fireworks – till 4a.m that really very beautiful site-seen and a lot of fun!)

What about Santa Claus – no Santa Claus, that is Дед Мороз (Grandfather Frost) in Russia. And Grandfather Frost comes to the children at this, New Year night and put presents under the Fir Tree.

Really, there is not too much differences between Grandfather Frost and Santa Clause – and even in the stores we have a lot of Santa Clauses made in China, :) together with Grandfather Frosts and people buy them all and still call them Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost). Russian kids know the story about Santa and like it. They also know that Santa comes to kids in other countries and they wait for their Russian, Ded Moroz… then on the 1st of January; when parents are sleeping after the long New Year feast, kids are waking up and run to the Yolka (New Year Tree) to look what presents, Ded Moroz have brought to them! They are silent, don’t want to wake up parents, and just enjoy the presents!

Now I’ll tell you about Christmas in Russia. First of all I should tell that Christmas in Russia is at the 7th of January. How it could that be, maybe you want to ask me… That is cause of our calendar and our Orthodox Church. Before October Revolution (1917 year) Russian had Julian Calendar and it was not the same like in the rest Europe and America who had already Gregorian Calendar. Russian calendar was “late” for two weeks (Here is a link that you can read about Calendars) When Communists got to power they changed the calendar in Russia and made it the same Gregorian calendar like in other counties. But Russian Orthodox Church refused to change calendar of Church holidays that’s how it happened that Christmas in Russia is going after New Year.

As for Christmas: The Church in Soviet Union was separated from the state, so New Year was State Holiday and day off and Christmas was not. Christmas was just a usual workday in Soviet Union… After Soviet Union had collapsed our Government tries to revive some Church Holidays. Now Christmas is day off, in Russia,

Now we even have New Year holidays here . But Christmas has not become a really big holiday (maybe just for Church people.)

During New Year Holidays kids always go to watch New Year performances. The main characters there are Ded Moros and Snegurochka (Father Frost and Snow Maiden – his granddaughter) and now Ded Moroz tells public “С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ! С РОЖДЕСТВОМ ХРИСТОВЫМ” (Happy New Year and Marry Christmas!) And the mention of Christmas is one more of the changes that happened since Soviet Union collapsed.

Best wishes and be happy!


comments and questions always welcome

Windows to Russia!

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To protect and serve used to be law enforcements motto! (Video)

1954 to 2014

Video below; Pete Vasquez is 76 years old and was legal in all ways…

Officer Nathanial Robinson is 23 years old and illegal in all that he did…

To protect and serve used to be law enforcement motto!

I remember when cops did just that and they were members of society that people respected. Somehow we have allowed a division and most people who I know are scared of cops and other officials…

To protect and serve used to be law enforcement motto!

When I first came to Russia I was shocked at the difference in police to police comparison between Russia and the USA. Russia was so much better than what I left in America. I have been arrested six times in my life, all of them trumped-up charges or manipulated situations, all of them in the US.  I was even pushed to the point to defend myself against a tyrannic cop. He lost the fight and I lost months of life as I was in jail for defending myself…

I am one of those people who will not stand by and allow someone to beat someone with no reason. I have been arrested for helping to stop fights as a cop literally beat to death a kid and I was the one crucified…

Any wonder why I think Russia is a wonderful place?

It is as clear as day to me and Russia is no police state…

To protect and serve used to be law enforcement motto!

Okay I get it, that is the new joke, so it is time to laugh… Ha Ha Ha…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

PS; “Welcome to the Jungle,” welcome to America…


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