• Kyle1

    October 21, 2014 - kKeeton

    Snorkeling in the Red Sea…

    Well I finally got some internet and not much at that. So I will post a few experiment pictures that I am doing. Took an hour to get these photos uploaded and I have better things to do than watch the upload bar move slowly across the screen… I bought a special sealing bag, made […]

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  • Lets hope “permanent” is the correct word and the word stays as permanently as possible. The severing of ties with the west must continue and it must be finished. No half way about it and no hesitation allowed. The west is already showing signs of back pedaling and the realization that they opened a permanent […]

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  • coffee-Banner

    October 15, 2014 - kKeeton

    We are raised to…

    I looked around and see thousands of people having fun and minding their own business for the most part. Life is good and people just want to have fun. Get past the initial squabbling of who gets to lay in the sun to bake and where they bake at and everyone is happy… Then it […]

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