70-year-old Yulia Mikhailyuk Travels Russia by Bike!

What would you say if I told you that a Russian woman travels all over Russia alone and by bike. You would probably say, No Way!

Well, 70-year-old Yulia Mikhailyuk is such a woman and has been traveling for over 14 years by bike and recently the pensioner who is from the city of Tver, Russia has crossed a huge length of Russia on just a bicycle. She has covered 8,000 kilometers in three months.

Read the whole article from Russia Today: Link Here!

She has achieved the record as the oldest Russian cyclist in Russia and she plans on cycling around the world next year…

You also can watch a video about Yulia Mikhailyuk here: Russian Video: Yulia Mikhailyuk – 70 Years Old Bike Traveller From Russia

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