Tidbit of Information from Windows to Russia! (1500 Posts)

As of this post – Windows to Russia – exceeded 1500 posts!

I remember well the first 100 posts and that seemed like a big deal. Actually it was a big deal because when you have a very new blog there is no traffic. So the incentive is not very strong to keep going…

But it is letters like this that make all 1500 posts worth the writing: (Information has been blanked for identity reasons.)

Hi there Kyle and Svet!

We love your blog!!

My name is *******. I am a **** & ********, ******* and *******. My wife and I are originally from ************, living in ************ since 1996. We are obsessed with Russian literature and cinema.

Last year, we had the opportunity to visit Russia. We were beyond impressed! It is a beautiful and wonderful country… and the Russian people are incredibly warm, smart and kind. We only had great experiences and we can’t wait to return!!!

Our trip started in St. Petersburg and we took a cruise down the Volga river to Mandrogi, Kizhi Island (truly magical!), Goritsy, Uglich, Yaroslavl and finally Moscow.

Thank you so much for your postings of everyday life in the city. We actually rented an apartment on Novy Arbat and lived there for about two weeks, feeling like Muscovites, and reading your blog we are reliving those wonderful memories.

Thank you once again!!

На здаровье!!

When we get an email like this it makes us realize that all the work involved in “Windows to Russia” is worth it. It makes us want to continue the forward progress of the “Windows to Russia” blog system of photos, videos and stories!

We get lots of wonderful letters like this and I picked the last one we got, to print. This letter was received last night…

Svet and I want to thank all our readers, we have thousands of daily readers and all of them are very important to us. Our readers come from all over the world.

So Thank You!

Svet and Kyle

Windows to Russia
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