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A day late and definitely a dollar short…

I agree with this assessment: China thinks long term and has been preparing for such an action by America. The short term gains by the USA and Trump as it looks at upcoming election issues for Republicans, is not going to matter in the long run…

Trump doomed to fail by waging trade war against China for mid-term poll gains:
The ongoing trade friction between China and the US is unlikely to stunt China’s drive to open up its domestic market to foreign companies. But some US firms will miss the chance to benefit from the new business opportunities in China if US President Donald Trump continues to drag the US into a trade war with China.

Source: Trump doomed to fail by waging trade war against China for mid-term poll gains

The world is huge and yet technologically small and all available at the same time. China has already garnered the replacements for literally anything that the USA can and will do. Russia and China have been working hand in hand for many years now, as they prepare to take the helm of the new world…

The USA only has two options, as it has squandered the future for short term gains: Help the change over and make the world safe and be part of the new and or hinder the changeover and try to destroy the world as we know it…

Which way is the best for the world?

I think it is time for change and peace to prevail…



  1. Arvind R April 8, 2018

    Okay, here’s the billion dollar tip (I gave it already once online):
    Perhaps, trade-off is the most critical step in a business transaction, since one cannot have it all. What is a trade-off? Business people can define well but here is my understanding: meet the requirement, by juggling items that could be given or taken up, within the constraints.
    These years, there are three major divisions in commerce: agriculture, industry and digital technology. The last one has come about by a revolution in 2 decades, and there is still reasonable growth. So why would someone lay 25% duties on Aluminium and Steel which essentially goes in to the not-so profit-making industry, at the expense of not having a say on software piracy and microchips? Just giving a hint and not a solution since I don’t carry business balls.
    When a duty of 1% is increased or decreased, it will affect, even fatally, thousands of people on the supply chain from the raw materials procurer to the final product consumer. So, what to say of 25% increase? I am stunned that business intellectuals are even analyzing the merits and demerits of this hike.
    In my simplistic view, agriculture is constrained by the environment, industry is constrained by the employee’s salary expectation for the education they have had and digital technology is constrained by the client’s expectation of innovation. Some juggling would do.

  2. kKeeton Post author | April 9, 2018

    Good comment! Thanks, gives me more thinks for the thoughts… 😉

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