A Fish: a Russian Animated Film…

Soyuzmultfilm studio, 2006:
The world to a child a wonderful and complex place but a small event in their life can be a real disaster. The kindness and warmth of a child’s soul are able to perform many a miracle … Can it even revive the fish?

Music by Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Ravel.
Director: Sergei Ryabov.

Soyuzmultfilm (Russian: Союзмультфи́льм, translated as Union Animation) is a Russian animation studio based in Moscow. Over the years it has gained international attention and respect, garnering numerous awards both at home and abroad. Noted for a great variety of style, it is regarded as the most influential animation studio of the former Soviet Union. The studio has produced 1530 films during its existence.

It is currently divided into two studios: “Creative union of the “Film studio “Soyuzmultfilm” («Творческо-производственное объединение «Киностудия «Союзмультфильм») and the Soyuzmultfilm Film Fund («Фильмофонд Киностудии «Союзмультфильм»). (Link for rest of article…)

I love this video and you do not need to understand Russia because it basically is no words. Just wonderful classic music and some sound effects.


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