Russians Have Lost It Over Heat Wave…

Russia on the globe.
Russia in Green

This is the kind of information that you can not make up…

Over 1,200 people have drowned across Russia in June this year (2010), including 233 between July 5 and 12. (Yes in just 7 days)

“Russia’s Emergencies Ministry is very worried by the current situation. In the last day alone, 49 people drowned, including two children,”  Quoted -Vadim Seryogin, a department head at the ministry, as saying.

“The majority of those drowned were drunk. The children died because adults simply did not look after them,” he added.

This kind of stuff just can not be made up. I swear that telling the truth about Russia is worse than trying to make a lie up about Russia. The truth is that Russians seems to have a knack for giving the news of the world a reason to point fingers at them…

Everyday in Russia is a new experience that never ends. You travel the road ways in Russia and you see thousands upon thousands of memorial markers on the side of the roads as you travel. These are from the deaths by car accidents that happen at an incredible pace in Russia.

Now we get to line the beaches with the memorials because someone gets drunk and drowns. Not just a few and once in a while but 49 in one day and 233 in a week…

I dragged a good friend out of the water in America once, as he was actually drowning in less than two feet of water. Because he decided to swim while drinking whiskey. (You can drown in very little water by the way)

I will tell it like I told him, “You better get your act together because I may not be there next time to pull your stupid Butt out of the water…”

Sorry, but this pisses me off…

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