Russia and Iran plus the S-300 Air Defense Systems…

S-300 systems similar to those sold to Cyprus.
S-300 Air Defense Systems

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and doing some thinking today.

I was thinking that I am seeing a problem that is starting to become a show of weakness for Medvedev.

This ia a problem that is causing some turmoil in Russia. The problem is the shipment of the S-300 Air Defense Systems to Iran or better yet the lack of the shipment of the S-300 Air Defense Systems…

The general consensus that seems to prevail in Russia, is to ship these missile systems that have been contracted since around 2005. They are revenue for Russia. They are contracted pre any other deals. Russia has a reputation to up hold in the arms market

Not long ago the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it was up to the president to make the final decision.

So I see the facts pointing to all systems are go except one spot. That is the President of Russia. For some reason he has become the sticky point in this equation and many are trying to figure out why. What does Medvedev have to gain by turning his back on Iran?  That is a question that I hear circulating…

It all hinges now on Medvedev and from what I am seeing after the ploy was used that the new sanctions forbid the shipment of said missiles. That became mute and is now considered not correct. So everyone has simply been told that the decision is Medvedevs to make and that his decision will be final.

What are you afraid or worried about Medvedev?

Do what is correct for Russia and do it. By not doing anything Medvedev is showing indecisiveness and Russians tune in to that…

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