Best Coffee in Russia: Made in Germany?

Hello all you nice readers,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my cup of wonderful Russian coffee here in Moscow, Russia! The coffee is actually packaged in Germany and I was thinking about do they really make coffee in Germany?

Germany leads EU in soluble coffee production: there’s an awful lot of soluble coffee produced in Germany but it is mostly intended for the export market. Germany is a top country producer of soluble coffee within the European Union (EU) and the wider Europe, as well as importing significant volumes in bulk for packing and export. (Link)

Guess so, and it really is great coffee. never upsets my tummy and is really smooth. The brand I drink is Aroma by Milagro. This coffee has no Internet presence to speak of but it seems that there is a café in Costa Rica that sells their coffee by this same name…

Update: If I do not drink Milagro, I drink Nescafe and it is just as good…

Of course these are my preferences and is not in any way a paid for advertisement and your opinion my vary according to your taste in coffees. I know people who live and die by Folgers and I never liked Folgers, but I thought Maxwell House was great…

Coffee is the last “vice” that I can not shake and will not shake. I have stopped all carbonated beverages, cigarettes, and other bad things, but since I must have at least one cup of coffee a day before I feel somewhat alive, I will sip a coffee, thank you please!

When I do not drink my cup of coffee, it is like I left my best buddy out in the rain storm and I feel bad for him…

This habit comes from years and years of pots of coffee at the wee hours of the morning and late nights that came with 25 years plus of 7 day a week at 16 plus hours per day, that lead to the final heart stopping conclusion of a vacation in the Hospital. (Six times before I learned – Dumb Huh!)

But now I drink that wonderful cup of coffee and write articles that sometimes bores you and sometimes pisses you off. (Plus everything in between)

So here in Moscow, Russia; I will let you go and we will be looking for that next pot of coffee over the rainbow…

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Windows to Russia

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Butte Bill

Thanks for many interesting reads. One of my favorite fantasies while drinking my morning coffee is opening a window to Russia a la Окно в Париж. Visiting family and friends, then back home and back to work. All the best.


Funny. My instant coffee is: GRANDOS – double espresso cafe…Deutsche Extrakt , Kaffe GmbH, 21082 Hamburg, Germany.

Otherwie, I drink reg.ground coffee


(Germans are into everything).