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China not Russia the Evil Demon Empire of Destruction…

Red Dawn a Remake...

American propaganda is still hard at work…

Hollywood is remaking the 1984 film called “Red Dawn”, but this time with Chinese as the scum invading country instead of the evil Soviet Empire….

Russia has lost her spot at the top of the heap of countries that will destroy America. But China has risen to the occasion and is now starting to surpass even the dreaded Muslims… 🙂

Looks to me like a  remake of the 1984 cold war teen action film, tells me much about America’s paranoia and insecurities…

A wonderful twist is that they did not have to look far for an inexpensive set to make the movie at. Much of the movie was shot in and around the ghost town we call Detroit. (Which is ideal for a deserted city because it really is a deserted city.) With unbelievable blocks of empty streets and abandoned factories that are the perfect real-life backdrop for the city’s war scenes… (They say it will cost around 40 to 50 million to make the movie, now that is a budget film in this day and age.)

Looks like Russia is going to have to work a lot harder to get back on top of that “Evil Demon Empire” list of countries…

We can’t have Russia letting down the old Soviet tradition! Can We?

For more details about this film, visit the MGM website or this Red Dawn fansite.

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