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Coffee and Russia and That Libya…

While it seems that Russia is trying to switch gears away from Libya and get the peoples minds on things like, “Who will run for president.” It is not working. Russian media and news is deluged with the fact that the situation in Libya is exactly what was told would happen and that is unfair to Libya. The people in Russia are not happy campers and it is showing on support for Medvedev.

“Russia’s leading political party United Russia will support Dmitry Medvedev’s possible candidacy in the presidential election, but only if United Russia leader Vladimir Putin is not running.”

Medvedev stands alone on the decision at the UN over Libya. He rode that fence and fence riders never come out ahead. He should have said yes or no and stood by it. He would have the respect for a firm decision. But as he performed the vote he looks really lame trying to support a abstention from vote and then complain about what is happening in Libya…

Remember the Movie Forrest Gump when Forrest said. “Stupid is as stupid does” ?

That is what comes to mind over this whole Libya deal. Libya was about two days from ending the uprising and the West interfered. The West back stabbed Libya. Russia turned her back on Libya and failed Libya at the UN. China failed in the same way that Russia did. So they have as much fault as the rest. In fact the whole world sat back and watched the West “Rail Road” Libya over oil. In fact, the lies were at a magnitude that makes no real sense except for the bases that they are sheer folly to try to cover up more lies on top of more lies…

Lets look at what was going on with the lies:

On March 26, over a week after he ordered the strikes on Libya, hitting tanks, anti-aircraft, radar sites, troops and Gadhafi’s own compound in Tripoli, 600 miles away from Benghazi, Obama told the nation he had acted to prevent a “bloodbath” in Benghazi.

“We knew that if we waited one more day, Benghazi – a city nearly the size of Charlotte – could suffer a massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world.”

White House Middle East expert Dennis Ross reportedly told foreign policy experts: “We were looking at ‘Srebrenica on steroids’ – the real or imminent possibility that up to 100,000 people could be massacred, and everyone would blame us for it.”

A hundred thousand massacred! And our fault? But that is seven times the body count of Katyn, one of the Stalinist horrors of World War II. Was Benghazi truly about to realize the fate that befell Carthage at the hands of Scipio Africanus, at the close of the Third Punic War?

How did the White House come to believe in such a scenario?

In this low-scale war, the cities of Zwara, Ras Lanuf, Brega, and Ajdabiya have changed hands, some several times. Misrata, the only rebel-held city in the west, has been under siege for seven weeks.

Yet in none of these towns has anything like the massacre in the Ivory Coast taken place, let alone Srebrenica. The Guardian’s Saturday report read, “Fierce fighting in Ajdabiya saw at least eight people killed.”

Yemeni President Saleh’s security forces killed six times that many civilians just to break up one rally in his central square.

Remember that stupid remark about 100,000 could be killed? I do and still can not believe that it was said. But if I take it in context of when we go in and attack. Then I could see 100,000 die. That is about the size of Qaddafi’s forces…

This video tells in just a few minutes what it is the nitty gritty on the Libya situation..

The video from RIA tells it like it is and pulls no punches. Russian media has a tendency to ignore the demands to silence itself about things like Libya. They like to produce videos and lots of them. The talk shows in Russia have had a hey day with this issue…

The statement at the beginning, set the tone of the video, “It is not right, Not that I like this Eccentric Colonel, It just is not right…”

This video also makes it real clear on the back stabbing going on by the West…

Trust in world for the West has dropped out of site after these charades…

The classic point in the video is when he says, “It makes you wonder how much all these guys (West) owe Qaddafi that they want to take him out…”

Now that should make you think about some things…

I heard a good statement the other day and I forgot where it was I heard it, “Anyone with 500 brain cells still functioning can figure out the absurdity of the Libya situation!”

They came, they saw, they… got confused. Operation United Protector – the official name for NATO’s operation in Libya — seems bogged down in the desert, “united” only in name and “protecting” pretty much no one within striking range. Is this perplexing and deadly display of Western firepower a fight for democracy and human dignity? Is it an elaborate, international ruse to foil an eccentric autocrat and “protect” his oil? Taking no sides, at least not seriously, 2-Minute Warning gently lifts the veil of hypocrisy surrounding this Mess in the Maghreb. 


“It is not right, Not that I like this Eccentric Colonel, It just is not right…”

Windows to Russia!

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