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Come to Russia – You May Not Want to Go Home!

I awoke this morning to a slew of e-mails and comments. That is nothing new but today one of them caused me to stop and think. This was a comment from someone who has never commented before and is an American who married a Russian.

So as I was drinking my morning cup of coffee, I decided to write a post about this comment that appeared last night…

Ж Р Эшли

I have to agree with you totally on the Russian/American comparison, I was sent to Russian(Svetogorsk) in 2007 for a 6 months contract, needless to say I didn’t want to leave after that so I stayed an additional 6 months, got engaged, married in St Petersburg. Since then we have moved back to the states (1 year ago) and EVERYDAY since then I have looked and searched the web for any and all jobs that I could find there. For once in my life, I felt as though I had finally found my “Home” so as you can imagine, I have been sad, depressed, restless….etc since that time. I never experienced life until that time I spent a year there, I miss it daily, I think of the Terimok stands, the honey beer, the beauty of the city and the surrounding country side; FYI Vyborg is a great city if you go check out the restaurant called Respect it is near the castle. Well anyway, all this makes me take a deep breath, and a long sigh comes behind it. One day I will be back, but this time I hope for good. Paka Paka

I have let the comment be the post. When I receive a comment or e-mail like this. I realize that I am not alone with the way I feel about Russia. I can print this one because they left it as a comment. I would never print the e-mails sent to me in private. I have hundreds of very good e-mails from people who want to get back to Russia after traveling here, because they found that when they came to Russia: “Russia captured a piece of their heart!”

Thank you

Windows to Russia!
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