Darkness is short.

The nights this time of the year are very short. I am not use to such long days. I can still see outside at midnight and three thirty in the morning, I can see light again. That is strange to me. I noticed that the days were very short in the winter. That was just as strange to me. I come from much farther South in the world.

The weather has gotten much better and allot more comfortable. The heat was pretty bad here, now they tell me its more normal. 70 degrees F. day and 50 degrees F. nights. Very nice!

The air is very clear today, I can see from my 14Th floor about 4-5 km in the distance.

The birds are singing like crazy today, The doves are everywhere!

The rain is coming, I can feel it in my bones! When I hurt in all my old injuries, I know the rain is coming. I stopped listening to a weather man years ago. My grouchy bones are better at telling the weather. 🙂

The World Just keeps turning!


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