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Disarm America by Kyle Keeton…

While I have my doubts about the sincerity of most Americans and I have many doubts about the mental capacities of many Americans, this day and age, but I do know a raw deal when I see one and this gun issue in America is being driven from more than just an inside  the country push…

That is why I am posting this article, because maybe out of my thousands of readers a day. Someone will understand and see what is really happening…

While personally inside myself, I see an America that really does not deserve the run amok usage of weapons. I see a country that has abused too many in the world and deserve what it gets, but I am also American and love America. I just wish that we could have gotten ourselves under control before we destroyed all that, that made the USA good…

So while America is squabbling over gun control, abortion and a thousand other things that splinter America like a old glass mirror. The world is silently and medially playing the US governments own propaganda right back in her face and is using that propaganda to undermine America. Funny thing is, is that we have knowingly done it to ourselves…

RT (Russia Today) is a perfect example: They have become masters at posting the truth from both sides. They post the Russian side then they post the American side and the sides 90% of the time go in opposite directions. They post the truth, it just counts of what side of the world that you want to believe is true…

Now in a case like gun control, RT posts the governmental dribble that comes straight from the horses mouth, the USA government. This dribble is definitely not for international ears theoretically, but in this day and age, everything is for international ears and the USA administration and RT makes sure of it…

The American readership at RT is huge and when a reverse propaganda article is posted, the Americans are to the point of violent and rude. The Russians and other world commentators have learned from the Americans and now slap back full force against the hate. RT has discovered a win win situation for themselves and stir that American made propaganda like a witches brew stewing in a pot…

The drums have been turned on America over gun control and countries like China are beating the Gun Drums, Boom Boom Boom Boom go the gun drums, as they repeat over and over…

Disarm AmericaDisarm America – Disarm America….

They do not mean disarm the military, they mean take those damn guns away from the civilians…

Guess what? A whole hell of a lot of you are playing the same tune that Russia, China and many many countries are striving for. So as you play games with wording on gun control, the rest of the world is playing right there with you and for what it is worth. They try their best to make sure you hear those drums that are beating for you to remove those guns from civilians hands…

We like to confuse people with using phrases like, “The gun killed those babies!” or “Guns Kill!” It is as if those guns have intelligence and killed on purpose…

As I said above, “Someone will understand and see what is really happening…”

So what is really happening?

Very simple! The UN does not like Americans having weapons, like they do now. The world does not like Americans having weapons, like they do now. The worst of all this is not what the world wants, but the fact is that the US government does not want civilians to have the weapons they do now, so the American government has recruited the help of the world’s media, like RT and RT is more than happy to drive ratings and post American propaganda, being used against America…

Against America from America.

“Made in America” propaganda!

No Chinese factory needed, nor is it outsourced to India…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Andyffc January 27, 2013

    Why would China care that the United States banned assault weapons, you ask? Because in several years or so Chinese troops will be paying a visit to the United States via Mexico, after the fake collapse of the Chinese Communist government.

    See where the Communist Party USA saluted the Obama Administration’s gun ban proposals?

    Now, why would they really care?

    This is why:

    Google: “Innocent blood demands no delay for U.S. gun control – Xinhua”

    Why will Chinese troops be in Mexico, you ask? To “assist” the Mexican government in combating the spreading fake “drug wars” there of course! You see, Mexico (in collaboration with all other Communist nations, including the still existing USSR/East Bloc) manufactured the “drug wars” for the specific purpose of providing a pretext in requesting China’s assistance.

    Now you know the reason for the:

    (1) July 20, 2012 Aurora, Colorado shootings;

    (2) August 5, 2012 Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings; and

    (3) December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shootings (I guess Obama and fellow Communist agents within the Federal agencies had to prove to China that they were being diligent in the quest to get assault weapons banned, so they squeezed in one more massacre before year’s end!).

    “Since at least the early 1970s, the Communist party of China has been poised to create a spectacular but controlled “democratization” at any appropriate time. The party had by then spent two decades consolidating its power, building a network of informants and agents that permeate every aspect of Chinese life, both in the cities and in the countryside. Government control is now so complete that it will not be seriously disturbed by free speech and democratic elections; power can now be exerted through the all-pervasive but largely invisible infrastructure of control. A transition to an apparently new system, using dialectical tactics, is now starting to occur.” — Playing the China Card (The New American, Jan. 1, 1991).


    “A campaign for a new system of World Government will be launched at Summit level and will be accompanied by pressure from below, the active use of agents of influence and secret assassinations of leaders who are seen as obstacles. The campaign will come as a surprise to the US Administration. In the ensuing negotiations, the US President of the day will find himself facing a combined pressure from the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese will by then have adopted a ‘reformed’, pseudo-democratic system.” — KGB Defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception, April 1993, p. 166.

    Since Golitsyn wrote his 1993 observation the United States implemented its counter strategy to the LRP…the “War on Terror”, used as a cover for the still ongoing Cold War. This means that Golitsyn’s prediction of a World Government is now moot, but not so China’s fraudulent evolution into a “‘reformed’, pseudo-democratic system”’. Communist strategists always have a “Plan B” at the ready, which means once Communist China adopts the veneer of a democratic polity, Mexico will request “assistance” from China to combat the then spreading “drug wars” in Mexico. The “drug wars” were manufactured by Mexico City (in consultation with Moscow and Beijing) in order to provide the pretext for requesting the “assistance” of a future “democratic” China.

    Just before Chinese troops start arriving in Mexico, Communist strategists will initiate crises around the globe for the purpose of keeping America’s military assets busy abroad (the Korean Peninsula; Iraq; Afghanistan; the Balkans…again; the Falklands; the Persian Gulf…a sink hole for United States naval vessels; etc.). With an anemic military presence at home, the United States will be open to invasion from Mexico. However, before such an invasion can occur, the ownership of assault weapons must be outlawed. Chinese troops will not be able to invade the United States without a ban on such armaments.

    All actions of the Chinese Communist Party and government must be analyzed through the prism of the “Long-Range Policy”, the “new” more subtle strategy all Communist nations signed onto in 1960 as the only credible means to defeat the West with, as first revealed to the West by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, the only Soviet-era defector to still be under protective custody, proving (1) the collapses of the USSR/East Bloc were strategic ruses; and (2) that all other Soviet-era defectors who followed Golitsyn were still loyal to their respective Communist intelligence agencies, since all of them provided incorrect intelligence on the future of the USSR/East Bloc.

    When the Communist government in Beijing “collapses”, Taiwan will be stymied from not joining the mainland.

    The “dissident” movement in China (as in the USSR) is a creation of Beijing, its existence intended to instill in Western minds that the Communist government/party has competing factions, with one faction being the “reformist” faction that allows for “dissidents” being known to the West. With hundreds of thousands government agents that infest every aspect of Chinese life, from urban centers to rural villages, nothing happens in China that isn’t cleared by Beijing.

    “Behind the impressive smokescreen of pseudo-democracy, pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-reform, this Russian-Chinese ‘cooperation-blackmail’ strategy is irreconcilably hostile to the West. Again, this is no mere presumption. It was explicitly confirmed in May 1994 to Clark Bowers, a member of an official US Republican delegation to Peking, by Mr Mo Xiusong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, who is believed to be the highest-ranking Chinese Communist official ever to have answered questions put to him by a knowledgeable Western expert on Communism:

    BOWERS: Is the long-term aim of the Chinese Communist Party still world Communism?

    Mo XIUSONG: Yes, of course. That is the reason we exist.” – The Perestroika Deception (1995), by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn.

  2. blackseabrew January 28, 2013

    Some Americans simply don’t believe in gun registration and won’t ever register or turn in their weapons. Some have already been buried. Some Americans simply won’t be herded into the Warsaw ghetto.

  3. admin Post author | January 28, 2013

    That is the problem! Some of us is not all of us and just like Obama said the other day about that he can get 50% plus of the people to okay anything he wants. Even if the congress does not want to okay it! America has changed and not for the better. Lots of scared sheeple running around…

  4. Amusspeap January 28, 2013

    America will not be safe untill we do disarm her.

    I am frightened and uncomfortable with the misguided power that NRA has. As usual, money rules the legislatures, and private citizens can not match what NRA does in our legislatures. That is wrong.

    Further, I resent the ‘2nd Amendment’, as it lost its relevancy shortly after it was written: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    That amendment was intended to protect a young democracy from “Mother England”, from which we were separating. There is no current relevancy for private gun ownership. It’s time to get real and quit the gun love that is killing kindergarten children and teachers, people in movie theaters, and far too many unarmed Americans. Guns aren’t the solution, they’re the problem. I condemn guns.

  5. BluttHog January 28, 2013

    There is no insanity amongst the 2nd amend supporters, there is a reality.

    We live in a fragile world, a more fragile environment, and we assume it will be calm, peaceful and quite forever….

    Such is not what history reveals.

    Indeed the calms before the storms of life on the planet are not of long duration…they pass quickly…and in the end those best protecting the individual and family are— the individual and family….

    If tomorrow we have an extinction event or even a lesser interruption of government order, it will be the individual that is the quintessential to his/her/their survival.

    When 911 does not respond as a roving gang approaches in such a time, reason and understand will be no protection….none.

    At such times we respond with those essentials that guarantee peace, law and order.

    No one can predict such events, but as certain as the sun rises in the east, they will come about…

    To take from those who obey the law the very weapons that will guarantee the survival when that is in question….that is insanity….

    The right to possess firearms amongst citizens who are screened for moral conduct guarantees survival when our fragile existence is at stake. Rogues will secure these weapons; soft words and tongues will not save any individual or the family,unarmed.

    These issues are not unknown, the need for an armed community is real and ultimately the guarantee of the survival of our Nation. We have yet to reach the goal of a Nation without rogues that are now amongst us and restrained by the social order.

    What would you beside you if that social order’s restraint no longer exists? Books of reason or a Glock? be careful how you answer…your family might then be at risk….?

  6. WB January 28, 2013

    The record proves that while the guns of these posturing patriots may well only be “pried from their cold dead fingers”, the “cold and dead” will be from old age, not a firefight. After all, these are the same folks who won’t even risk an argument over who owns the fruit of their unprivileged labors, even with the law entirely on their side, and with the only thing needed from them being a written rebuttal of allegations that their receipts are proceeds from the specialized class of activities in which the feds have an ownership interest.

    I’m very sorry to say it, but it is simply not possible to take seriously bold defiant noises about defending their Second Amendment rights to the death from people who won’t risk so little as a roll of their accountant’s eyes or the possibility of staring down a dark-eyed IRS for the sake of defending their right to all the rest of their property. And frankly, who cares whether these folks keep their guns, as long as they’re going to stand mute and motionless while every other vestige of liberty is stripped from them by the very parasites and tyrants against whom they cry defiance over possession of their rusty muskets?

    THESE FOLKS ARE LIKE THE STATUES OF MINUTEMEN that decorate this once-great country. They are well-armed, but are really nothing more than shat-on pigeon-perches for all that.

    The product of what energy these posturing patriots DO put into motion, in a natural and rightful effort to provide for themselves and their families, is diverted away from them in great gobs every week. When each year ends and they are asked to agree that the muggers have a right to keep the money (by declaring it to be “income” in the context of the tax) these hard-talkers turn to nervous sheep and just sign the form saying that they know and believe their earnings to be the federally-taxable-kind.

    Then they go back to threatening with mayhem the gun-grabbers whose sustenance they just agreed to pay for. “Line in the sand”, my ass.

  7. pazca8 January 28, 2013

    I think I’ll call it a night and let you gun nuts wallow in the images of ATF kicking in your doors, blood in the streets and the misguided invincibility you think your semi-automatics will provide against the U.S. Military…

    Once the smoke clears, let me know how it feels to have a family member killed because he insisted he had the right to pistol grips or a flash suppressor and was willing to fight for it…


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