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Eurovision From Russia: Alexander Rybak, Proved to be the Winner by a Landslide!

The Eurovision in Russia final came to a close early Sunday at Moscow, Russia’s Olympiysky Arena with Norway and the song “Fairytale”, performed by Alexander Rybak, proving to be the winner by a landslide.

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1) Norway, 2) Iceland, 3) Azerbaijan, 4) Turkey, 5) England, 6) Estonia, 7) Greece, 8) France, 9) Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10) Armenia, 11) Russia, 12) Ukraine, 13) Denmark, 14) Moldova, 15) Portugal, 16) Israel, 17) Albania, 18) Croatia, 19) Romania, 20) Germany, 21) Sweden, 22) Malta, 23) Lithuania, 24) Spain, 25) Finland

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