From Moscow, Russia: Alexander Rybak says – Eurovision is a "Big Party"!

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I was drinking my morning cup of wonderful coffee here in Moscow, Russia! The city is a buzz with “Eurovision Fever”. From what I can tell this is a function that the recession has not touched and this video shows that to be true…

When tickets are thousands of dollars and being scalped (scalper in America and a tout in Britain) for double that. You know that this is a rich man’s game.

Welcome to “Life Styles of the Rich and Famous”!

One of the top favorites of this year’s contest, Alexander Rybak representing Norway, says this Eurovision “is a big party.” He said: “Everybody is so polite and wishes the best to every artist, that’s so special! It’s not much of a competition, it’s more of a party,” he says. (Link)

Life is just a party to some people…

Windows to Russia!
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