What is Russia Up To? (May 14th, 2009)

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What is Russia up to right now in the world? Well lets see..

Medvedev as President of Russia has just recently finished his first year as president and has weathered the first year well despite all the issues that have come up. Seems that the Georgian War was the big issue during his first year… (Medvedev marks his first year in office with anti-corruption vows )

Putin as Prime Minister has been busy in Japan doing his thing with the financial issues of Russia. Getting all kinds of signed deals with energy stuff…

Russia just won the World Ice Hockey Championship in Switzerland and everyone in Russia is happy – happy – happy about that…

Eurovision is still going and will finish this weekend. Then finals will be between Turkey, Sweden, Israel, Portugal, Malta, Finland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Armenia and Iceland…

A big issue in Russia right now is about donor issues with children. In Russia the law does not allow any donor organs from any child. Just from adults that have died. This creates a problem with children that need heart transplants. The one organ that can not be taken from an adult is the Heart. So Russia is looking at new guidelines for children donors…

Then to end this article lets see what a woman in Chechen might gets for turning over a bunch of explosives… A woman in the Russian Republic of Chechnya has voluntarily handed over 182 kilos of TNT to the police and could now get up to $100,000 as a reward. (Link) Hope she gets the reward…

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