Heroin is a World Problem not Just Russia’s Problem!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia and thinking of the past when I lived in America.

This thinking was triggered by this video from Russia Today: The Monkey on Russia’s Back. This should be retitled: The Monkey On The World’s Back!

You see a fact is, Afghanistan produces 94% of the world’s heroin.

At least 80 people die of heroin abuse in Russia every day!

In America, I employed thousands upon thousands of individuals and trained many upper and lower level managers. I saw this problem with heroin time and time again.

Out of the many cases of heroin abuse that I had to deal with was a young man that had a promising career in management. He for some reason is always in my memories. He had a wife and a darling kid that loved him dearly but one day – “Lady Heroin” stole his heart!

To make a long story short: I tried to help him and get him rehab but his choice was to turn his back on reality and he divorced his wife then married “Lady Heroin”. Less than a year after the fateful beginning with “Lady Heroin”. He tried to quit on his own and at 30 years old his heart could not take it and he died.

Just walking away from heroin does not work, for “Lady Heroin” is a jealous type and will take you with her…

I saw – young, old, black, white, girl, boy, fat, skinny, sweet and grouchy and many many more fall to the seductive ways of Heroin. My company even had a rehab insurance and counseling service but almost everyone always seem to prefer the love of “Lady Heroin”.

All in all, I have attended about 25 funerals due to heroin.

In Russia I have written before about what I have seen. (Link) I am writing now again about what I see. I spent years taking classes about substance abuse in the work place. My background in Human Resources demanded it.

Russia has a serious substance abuse problem and coming across that 7600km border is the substance that seems to destroy the human soul faster than just about anything….

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