From Russia: The Traveling Metro Art Gallery!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

I was drinking that famous cup of coffee here in Moscow, Russia and came across this tidbit of information. 🙂

“Figure hall” of Russian museum incorporates into the Moscow metro: The name of the train that carries this Moscow Metro Art Museum is “Water Color”. This train will contain a total of 35 copies of famous water color paintings that are put into the walls of the carriage. The “Water Color” Train it is painted with bright flower compositions. This train is unique and has been specially reconstructed for the mobile gallery. This train will run for about half of a year in the Moscow Metro system and the citizens and tourists will be able to see pictures of Karl and Alexandra Brullovs, Isaak Levitan, Ilia Repin, Nikolay Rerikh and many other world-famed artists. (Link)

This train was commissioned on May 13, 2009! So you have plenty of time to come to Moscow, Russia to see the “Water Color” Train!

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