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When Is Easter?

Dates for Easter Sunday
In Gregorian dates
2008March 23April 27
2009April 12April 19
2010April 4
2011April 24
2012April 8April 15
2013March 31May 5
2014April 20
2015April 5April 12
2016March 27May 1
2017April 16
2018April 1April 8
2019April 21April 28
2020April 12April 19
2021April 4May 2
2022April 17April 24

This table will give you when Easter is all the way up to 2022. If only one date, they fall at the same time…

I have been asked many times when Easter is in Russia. This table gives Eastern and Western dates…

Russia is East and America is West!

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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