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George Knows…

I received a comment by e-mail and after thinking about what it said, I decided to post said e-mail. No name, but the person who sent it will know who they are…

Beloved friends;

After reading comments this morning regarding Obama,Iran,voting etc. I mentally folded up my keyboard in disgust. Our country is almost completely subverted – the new generation taking over the helm now is ignorant, rude, crude, immoral and repugnant,., who in their right mind would want to come home to this?

Now is the time to look after one’s own sheep and build better fences. Stop banging your head against the growing wall of indifference, jingoistic pride in the obnoxious, and blind conformity. (Chief Joseph summed it up well enough). You keep on being you and enjoy your home, your friends, your family…see the sunrise over the beautiful fields of your adopted home, hear the breezes blow through the rushes at the lake, watch the birdies flying south or wherever and breathe fresh clean air for me. Please say a prayer at the monastery for me too.

Today I have a lot of housework to catch up on, need to get a new passport photo as I have to get an updated one with all the new bells and whistles. (I want to go and visit my #2 son in Taiwan before I can no longer travel secondary to increasing frailty.). Also want to visit China and investigate Harbin and environs. My mind wants to hike in the mountains but the right knee says NO!

Give Sveta a hug for me next time she comes up to see you.


They are correct and this summer I have made huge strides in sending myself toward not banging my head on a wall of stupidity. Besides, it has been summed up perfectly for me, by a local member of the community…

George; the bird brain from our yard, followed Boza and I this morning and as we sat upon the hill, overlooking the lake and the valley. George, who is a nightingale by the way, sang the most beautiful song I ever heard in my life…

I do not know where he learned it from, but I do know that if we all sang from our heart like George did, we would have a better world than we do now…

When George was done, the sun was peaking over the horizon and he flew away back to his home at our yard, having said his piece, he did a good job of getting his point across…

Boza, George and I thank you for the e-mail… (and George, I thank you to!)

Have a nice day…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Arvind Ramanujam September 6, 2015

    I think you will return to America in a decade or two — an America you yourself helped clean.
    I believe that while it is alright to emigrate to another country that is more in line with one’s personality, interests, attitude etc., it is never advisable to forsake or abandon or condemn one’s own motherland or fatherland. One should just take a broomstick and start sweeping away the filth, beginning with oneself. The best, only, and complete way to clean the system is by cleaning oneself; in fact, all that one has to do is clean oneself, and the system gets automatically cleaned simultaneously.
    I just received a ‘Happy Krishna Janmaashtami’ mms greeting from someone — maybe a visitor here. Thanks to whoever sent it.
    Have a nice day/night.

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