kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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……I was really worried after not getting any website for over 3 days.
Had misplaced your email and wanted to send an email to check.
……I thought maybe you were kidnapped!
…..Did the Iceland hosting company get hacked and can they do anything?
I hope all is well otherwise.


Yes the Iceland hosting was destroyed literally and they are in the process of moving back to their original site of the servers… Lucky that they still had the old server site and it is still working…

The link below is a partial explanation of what has happened…




Hi Kyle, lilac lady from bulgaria here 🙂

glad YOU are ok. I knew the evil dogs had done something nasty.

Keeping my eye out for you, be well, stay calm, we’re all with you!!!



Yes and it will be awhile to get things back to normal. If ever… But normal is just posting and that I will do, even if all is lost… Thanks from Kyle


So happy to have you back. I wish you were able to have a bazillion mirrored servers like Pirate Bay!!!! The haters need to go away that’s for sure.

Thanks! Sveta has been working twenty hours a day. We have basically moved to a new host until our main one can try to salvage what they can. They were hit hard and I mean hard. This is an example of what happens with a cloud based server, they are trying to get their old servers online now. They have 50% of the websites going and just got their mail servers running again. I am trying to figure out how to mirror WtR from now on. That would save us a bunch of work and we know this will happen… Read more »

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