Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoogu; Rossiyana Markovskaya, new spokeswomen

Rossiyana Markovskaya < – – > Sergey Shoogu

What can you say?

Rossiya Markovskaya, 26, a graduate of the Far East Federal University Journalism College of Vladivostok ‘taki, worked as a reporter, presenter and screenwriter in the’ Vladivostok ‘television and radio agency.

Her nickname is, “Oboronyashka’ – which translates basically as: ‘Defense Cutie”!

Her name is, “Rossiyana” basically the same as if an American named their daughter ‘America’!

Welcome Russia’s new spokesperson for the Russian Defense Department…

The Russians have stopped playing fair!

Now show me what your defense spokesperson looks like?

Gotta love Russia…


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