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I fixed the old Kodak camera…

I have been struggling with having a camera that is easy to carry. Boza and I walk a lot and when something happens that I want to record, I need a smaller camera. Well today I finally got the old Kodak working pretty good and just in time for a huge storm to come around…


Pretty cool huh?

Then as we were running back to the house I found this. The area is so huge around here that I have seen three lightning storms going on at the same time, with sunlight in between all the storms. It is wild around here at times and this happens at below 20 degrees Celsius. Not some super hot summer storm…


That is why I need a camera on me all the time. Something will happen within a two hour walk guaranteed. I drained the battery three times from full to dead empty and recharged all night long, I just shot 200 images with it on a single charge. Now that will do me just fine for when Boza and I walk around the village area…

Have a nice day…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Cristi June 10, 2015

    Two things:
    – great picture of the thunderbolt
    – Li-Ion battery will have a longer life if you do not do too many full recharge cycles (from full to empty and back). Charging it again when reaches 60% is the recommended way. On tablets, some recommend to schedule a full recharge cycle once per month or week (can’t remember).

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