The Russia I live in (Part One)

By | June 11, 2015


make coffeeGrab a cup of coffee and sit a spell, I am going to start a series of posts called, “The Russia I Live In!”

Got a great shot of a beautiful fat Mallard. He actually seems to be a tame duck gone wild and was kinda holding out his hand for food. I told him, “No bums in this village!” and sent him flying. My buddy in the village has ducks, maybe one got away? I will have to tell him…

Then a couple of days ago, we stumbled upon a hedgehog and he was hightailing it to beat the band. Boza likes hedgehogs and watched him for over an hour. We followed his path through the tall grass, for he was a fat hedgehog, but unlike the duck, he did not want handouts… 🙂

The Antonov an-2 Biplane is an image I have posted before, but I have done some research on this plane. We have basically 20 to 25 different planes of this same type fly overhead everyday. I then after looking around, found out that they are used by the forestry service in Russia and since we live right at the edge of a very huge, I mean huge forestry area. This is how they patrol the woods. Starting about 8 a.m. and ending about 8 p.m. the planes fly constantly overhead. They did this last year, but not as much and this year they are constant. They will wiggle their wings if you wave at them, which shows me that they are watching the ground for evil Russians and maybe a nice American like me… (~Sarc~)

I really think it is a flight path for small engine craft, because nowhere is there any information that the forestry here would have this may planes. And many are new looking (in fact I am positive that we have new ones flying overhead and never come back,) I think that they are still building these planes (close by) and since they are used for cargo and human transportation, it looks like we have a thriving business going on…

Antonov an-2 Biplane History: The Antonov an-2 Russian (Soviet) biplane was introduced in 1947 as a massive slow-flying agricultural and utility single engine biplane aircraft, by 2002 when production of the Antonov an-2 biplane finally ended in excess of 18,000 Antonov an-2 aircraft had been produced. Originally designed for the Soviet Ministry of Forestry, the Antonov an-2 biplane featured a totally enclosed cockpit and all metal construction with the capacity to carry up to 12 passengers and can take off in as little as 170m and land in 215m.

Well that is all for today, I have things to do and ducks and hedgehogs to chase. Boza will help of course…

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