I want to go to a Russian Village!

7423 - Moscow - McDonalds Cheeseburger
Image by thisisbossi via Flickr


I had a very interesting weekend. I took off Saturday morning at 8 am. I was on my way to a Russian Village to enjoy the Village life for a weekend. I was going to work on the garden. My better half (Svet) was with me and our dog Boza. We had a nice weekend planned.

We left Moscow and 3 km later stopped and got McDonald’s. That was a mistake, We spent about 1and half hours in McDonald’s. Now for you Americans, you have to understand that Moscow McDonald’s are 5 times busier than American McDonald’s. This was the sign of how things would be for the day!!

We finally left the McDonald’s, Full and only slightly grumbly. We pulled onto the main byway, and realized that there was around 4,000,000,000,000, Yes zillion, cars on the road. Then for the next 5 hours we tried to leave Moscow. We succeeded in getting only 50 km away from Moscow.

Now at this point, The dog (Boza) was laying in the back seat in a state of shock. I was grumbling, mumbling, and rumbling like a big bear. The only one who was happy was Svet. She was enjoying life, as she always does. She did not even care to tell me that we are lost. She was having too much fun.

You must understand about Russian drivers to understand why it was so much fun! Russian drivers do not look at a two lane byway as only two lanes. A two lane byway is 3 lanes, the shoulder for emergency is another lane. The dirt down the middle between the byways is a lane(median). Also the opposite side of the road is lanes, if no one is over there. Even if someone is over there. They do not care. So what I am saying is that a standard two lane byway becomes up to 8 lanes going in one direction. With all these lanes of traffic you would think that you would go some where. Alas, that is not to be.

After 5 hours of trying to go 50 km, we came to a town that the local police kept us from going through. Now this was the only way to the Village. We gave up, Turned around and drove 50 km back to Moscow in a half hour. The only thing we had to watch out for was Russian kamikazes driving at you because they think that they are going to get somewhere fast.

I still had fun, When I am with my sweety (Svet) she makes life wonderful. I am not sure how she puts up with my grouchiness. The dog has recovered and so have I.

We are leaving next weekend, at 4 am. No McDonald’s and finding a new way to the Village. (Maybe I can just drive down the opposite side of the road) The Russians do it!!!!