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I Wonder if Lenin will be Reburied?

Very strong reactions are instigated when the subject of reburying Lenin is brought up here in Russia. The soul of Lenin lives on very powerfully in many many Russians. I am not sure what to say about this issue, except that I will say very little…

I am n0t Russian and I do not have feelings either way about his body being in a Mausoleum on the Red Square…

I will say that every time I have been on the Red Square and look at the Mausoleum, I get a funny feeling inside of me and it just seems strange to me that people put someone on display like that…

I don’t know…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

One Comment

  1. Ronald W. Wheeler June 15, 2012

    My thought is as follows.( personal )
    If we had one of those walk thru Mausoleum’s here in America and Obama was in it, I would be there in line 24/7. Of course I am speaking of Charlie Obama who owns the local bank down the street.

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