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Image day Russia… (April 29th, 2018)

What a wonderful morning to walk. The weather is changing and my arthritis was out of control, but I pushed through it anyway and walked for seven kilometers this morning. I found lots of neat stuff to look at and wished Svetochka was with me. She has been kinda sick with the flue and was sleeping soundly this morning. (Knock on wood, I have avoided the terrible flue!)

Got lots of things to get done. We are thinking about going to the village, but after this week coming up. It is May Holidays and traveling at May Holidays is just plain stupid. If you are a sane person that is….for at May Holidays, Russians are insane… 😉

The cars are packed with Dacha and Village stuff and off they go to plant their Kitchen Gardens as they are called….this is what I have always talked about! Russians grow their own food when summer hits and there are gardens everywhere, even in the windows and balconies of the flats around Moscow…

In regards to the Lover’s Bridge image above:

Even though the tradition 99% originated in China, the Russians adopted (many moons ago) the tradition of locking your love in a marriage. The bride and the groom must buy a lock, write their names on it, lock it to the bridge and throw the key into the river, in order to keep their love for each other forever!

Us men in Russia are gaining a little bit of status….you know life is good when you actually get Barbershops and not beauty salons!

“Yessiree Bob”


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  1. Arvind R May 5, 2018

    I didn’t know that you were a Mail-Order Bridegroom. Was it like “With Love from America”? 🙂
    You mentioned freedom in a recent post. There are three basic aspects: fate, free will and destiny. Fate is governed by natural laws, like day and night repeat. One can get around fate by free will, for example, by inventing electric bulb. But eventually, the free will has to align with the destiny, which is the cosmic factor that makes sure that everyone gets the same benefit out of life. If free will doesn’t want destiny, it will have to face fate, which is worse (sudden power cuts because of excessive spending).
    So, a human is both impotent, potent and omnipotent, depending on how well the natural scheme is respected. governments come somewhere in between and one must not criticize them for their wish to command and control because that is their duty! In a strict sense, they are governors and not merchants or educators or service providers, and so there is obvious conflict and there are many layers, some extending beyond human kingdom, into the governments of the Gods and Goddesses. Practical problems have to be addressed and I believe United Nations has to play its required role, which can perhaps happen if there is a honest strong person heading it. At some point after many decades, UN will take over as the single global government.
    Also, labels like globalists, nationalists, localists, although helpful in understanding the context of an issue, doesn’t necessarily reflect the integrity of the individual and all three can be philanthropic, exploitative or crooked. So, one has to be careful in backing others since a wrong backing can backfire as harassment from powerful people whose interests have been genuinely affected.
    By the way, since you use Twitter, I heard that Twitter had password logs of users open in their systems, which they claim they have addressed, but you may consider changing password.

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