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Infographic: Who Russians Consider Their Greatest Enemies

I post what I find interesting. Maybe there is more truth to be found, but it is interesting and it does hold to what I have been saying since sanctions were illegally introduced against Russia. No love for America anymore by Russians…

This chart shows the share of Russians who consider the following a threat (December 2017).

Source: Infographic: Who Russians Consider Their Greatest Enemies

When you act like a bully, bullies are not liked anymore. Maybe we are scared of bullies, but liking is not on the list. If the bully keeps going, the percent will travel higher and higher. Soon it will be 90% of Russians dislike and consider America a threat…

Sad thing is that this is not Russian propaganda at work. It is simply the facts and the truth. The sanctions are illegal and that is that and it is natural to dislike those who impose upon those unnecessarily….the propaganda against Russia is working. Russians are tired of Americans and their “better than thou” attitude…


Statista is a western based company and not a Russian based website. The information within is western produced…

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