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Interesting Happening: Moscow needs people to leave the City Center…

This is interesting: Moscow’s government is trying to reduce the city’s internal population by about 25%. They will do this by encouraging people to move out of the city. The Mayor has promised that no one will be forced to move though if they do not want to…

On January 1, 2011, Moscow’s population was officially 11.552 million, the city has almost exhausted its resources and the pressure on its transport, environment and the social sector is too intense. So to put the city right, it is necessary to remove people from the city, especially its historical center, where 35+ percent of jobs are concentrated. With the projected growth of the Moscow population (resident and visiting) it is necessary to reduce it by 8.5-9 million people, i.e., to settle over 2.5 million Muscovite’s in the surrounding territory called the Moscow region. The capital should have no more than 1 million people (currently there is 6.3 million working in the center) with jobs, and the Moscow region create 1.5 million more jobs. Then the need to figure out how to stop the influx of visiting people for business each day needs to be addressed. The idea being floated around does not give all the details. But the prospect for the annexing of more land to Moscow in the amount of 150,000 hectares of land, between the Kiev and Warsaw highways – such towns as Klimovsk, Troitsk and Shcherbinka will be merged with Moscow…

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