Cup of Coffee and the Thinking for the day… (January 16th, 2012)

So this morning that cup of coffee chicory was excellent. Today is my birthday and I am not going to do a whole lot on any of the websites. At least not visible to everyone type work. Sveta and I are in the process of setting up a dedicated server and that is keeping us busy right now. From the looks of it – we may be busy a long time… 🙂

So my thought this morning over that great cup of Russian Chicory…

You know, I thought of something — After reading the comments on 90% of the websites from America over the years, it makes me think that not only is our government run by tyrannical dolts and idiots who have no respect for the constitution, but that my fellow citizens are so out of touch with reality (any reality) of what’s going on with the world as a whole today that it indicates to me that my country as I know it has an unfortunate and inescapable outcome awaiting it..

There is too much talk / not enough action, too much hate, too much pro-war, too much laughing at others faults, too many arm chair warriors, too many chiefs not enough workers, too many scared people, too many skeletons in the closet, too much immorality, too many people talking trash, too many people putting forward their narrow minded ideas before thinking about the consequences of what they’re saying, too many trolls, too many people who write before their brain functions (same as speak before you think), too many people (who have the same manners of letting the door slam in your face instead of looking to see who is behind them first) play games on the internet, too many people hide from reality online, and too many people who can not even find the countries on the map that we (Americans) are destroying in the name of democracy…

If these are my fellow citizens of America, then America is doomed to an unfortunate and inescapable outcome awaiting it..

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!